New York Necklace in Gunmetal

Exclusively for VSP, the New York necklace in gunmetal, is a one-piece show stopper that drapes itself in long flowing lines of light across your body, highlighting your every move across the room!

Featuring luxurious gunmetal plating, this darker necklace provides an edgier look for those times when the night is young and a lifetime of excitement is to be experienced before the dawn. 

30 individual chains form an incredible dazzling waterfall effect and drip luxuriously, adjusting from a dip of 14 to 18 inches from neck to end to ensure that it hits the mark with any neckline.

  • Rhodium plated, gunmetal color
  • 30 individual chains, spread (width): 4 in
  • Total length: 108 cm/~43 in
  • Adjustable clasp length: 9.5 cm/ ~4 in range
  • Effective length from clasp to center-point: 46 cm/ ~18 in

$ 45.00

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